“Often we go into a story to meet a character and wind up meeting ourselves.”


About Brooke…

There are two books from my childhood that I still think of often.  The first is Peggy Covers the News.  

I read it more than once, which I always considered to be noteworthy for a 10 year old. 

During the same years, there was another book, a sandy-colored, flimsy little volume called something stunningly creative like Creative Writing for Kids.  I don’t remember much of what was in the book.  What I do remember, however, is one section that talked about being an observer. It was not a particularly revelatory moment, and I had absolutely no intentions of becoming a writer.  

I was going to be any number of exciting things, but  I kept noticing things and I would find myself writing down my thoughts in a stack of yellow legal pads. 

And then one day I wrote a book. Maybe it was age.  Or maybe it was just the right time.  I am no Peggy.  I do not have a steno, but I do write more than I ever thought I would.  I have surprised myself, because I am a writer.  And I am happy. 

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